Nothing gives your home that instantly clean feeling like a go-around with the vacuum. Not only that, but vacuuming once a week will get rid of dust and allergens before they have a chance to build up, reducing the risk of asthma and allergy problems for your family in the home.

When doing your weekly vacuum, remember to clean these 10 forgotten places that can harbour dust for months without you realising.

Your tumble dryer

You should already be cleaning the lint filter on your tumble dryer regularly, as not doing so can be a fire hazard. But sometimes it is hard to get rid of every last little bit of fluff. Use the crevice tool from your vacuum to get into all the nooks and crannies and give it a spotless clean.

Your curtains

It can seem like a big deal to take down your curtains and wash them (or take them to the dry cleaners). A really good way to keep them looking cleaner for longer in between washes is to use the brush attachment to suck up dust.

The skirting boards and woodwork

They can also benefit from the soft brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. This is next-level dusting! The dust and dirt will be lifted from the wood and sucked straight into the vacuum cleaner, meaning it is actually one of the most efficient ways to dust. Plus, it also means that you don’t have to get down on your hands and knees (presuming that your vacuum has a long enough handle) so it makes it a much easier job.

Fixed Upholstery

If you have fixed upholstery on your soft furnishings, then it is really important that you pay regular attention to their upkeep. Prevention is most definitely the key here, it is important to regularly remove dirt and dust from the surface so that it does not become ingrained in the fabric. A regular vacuum of the sofa with the upholstery attachment will keep it looking newer for longer (and whilst you are there have a quick vacuum under the cushions too!

Your Ceilings

How often do you look up and notice a pesky cobweb that is just a little too high to reach? Your ceilings are another place where your vacuum can help. The long attachment will make easy work of reaching the hard to get to places in your home. Make sure that you use the soft brush attachment, so you don’t to scratch your paintwork. Get to work on all the areas above your head.

Light fittings and lampshades

They will also benefit massively from the soft brush attachment on your vacuum. This is especially true if you are worried about using cleaning products on delicate fabrics or finishes.

Your Mattress

When was the last time you hoovered your mattress? Or for that matter when was the last time you hoovered under the bed? Vacuuming your mattress will reduce the risk of dust mites (or bed bugs!) moving in. If you have one, use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner to make the task easier. The upholstery attachment is a great way to keep your mattress fresh.

Electrical Items

The soft brush attachment is also fantastic for getting the dirt from all those electricals that you don’t want water or cleaning products anywhere near. The list is endless, the computer keyboard, back of the fridge and your TV to name a few.


Leaving dust to build up on your blinds is never a good idea, as the air flow from the window will blow the dust around the rest of the room. Blinds can be a nightmare to clean, but you can make the job much quicker and much less of an ordeal by deploying your vacuum. The soft brush attachment will make light work of keeping them looking clean and shiny for longer.

Drawers and Wardrobes

Not a weekly chore, but you should be vacuuming your drawers every so often to keep them free of debris. Whether they’re in the bedroom or the kitchen, it’s easy to forget that they get dusty, too – you don’t want dust getting all over your favourite clothes before you’ve even worn them. Build this practice into your big clean-outs to keep the house spotless.