ElectroCity is committed to sustainability and we’re always working on new ways to reduce our environmental footprint. By prioritizing sustainability we hope we’re setting an example for other small businesses to follow.


Electrical items are tricky to recycle, we’re trying to make this easier for everyone

electrocity sustainability weee ireland recycling facility

Over 18 million appliances were collected by WEEE Ireland in 2021 alone1. This includes everything from washing machines and fridge-freezers to hair dryers and radios.

We’re proud to be a part of the effort, with WEEE drop-off points for appliances and batteries in every store. We’ll also collect your old appliance, free of charge, when we deliver your new one nationwide.

Online Orders

With online sales becoming more and more popular we examined every part of the process to make it as sustainable as possible

We started in our warehouses where plastic mailing bags for small items were replaced with recyclable boxes, paper infill and paper tape.

For larger appliances like fridges and ovens, we have moved away from single use plastics and use the original manufacturers packaging to avoid additional waste.

We’re investigating a replacement for plastic wrap which we use for products that are a little too big for our mailing boxes.

electrocity sustainability online orders packaging

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