Braun 'Satin Hair' 7 Straighteners with IONTEC ST710

Model: ST710
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The Braun ST710 Satin-Hair 7 straighteners with IONTEC technology are designed to restore the shine and health of your hair when styling.
IONTEC is a unique technology which is specifically designed to protect the health of your hair and therefore your reassurance for healthy styling. A push of a button activates the patented IONTEC jets releasing millions of active ions. Active ions work like a conditioner. They envelop every single hair and quickly restore the moisture balance that usually gets lost during styling with excessive heat. On top, active ions instantly tame frizz and flying hair for touchable smoothness and shine.

Floating plates
For extra protection, its patented floating plates reduce friction considerably. In addition, one of the plates is spring-supported and gives way if you apply too much force during styling. It maintains the health of the cuticle to prevent hair breakage.

Heat control
Braun’s Satin-Hair 7 straightener operates with temperatures that are proven to protect the health of your hair with accurate heat control for different hair types (130°C to 200°C) in 5°C temperature stages. So you can set the temperature according to your own individual needs.






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